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CSCI 1210

Essentials of Web Development

Class Resources


Downloads include the course syllabus and cheat sheets


There are a number of examples showing HTML/CSS elements and the code that makes them to help with some of the core concepts associated with our class

Flash Cards

A flash cards application to help with test preparation and learning concepts taught in this class (Doesn't work on Internet Explorer -- but does on Edge. Go figure)

HTML Attributes

HTML Attributes and what they do

HTML Glossary

A glossary of HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) terms (tags/elements) and what they do

Lecture Notes

Lecture Notes are available for viewing on the site and/or download to your personal machine. They are presented in both Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe Acrobat format

Project Assignment

There will be a team project for this semester. The instruction are included here


A working list of terms you should (hint, hint) know

Bug Report

Submit a report of any mistakes you find on the web site for credit!