CSCI 1210

Essentials of Web Development

Class Resources

There are several resources available on this website to help with our studies including


Downloads include the course syllabus and cheat sheets


This is an online schedule that shows class times, office hours, and important dates

Lecture Notes

Lecture Notes are available for viewing on the site and/or download to your personal machine. They are presented in both Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe Acrobat format


There are a number of examples showing HTML/CSS elements and the code that makes them to help with some of the core concepts associated with our class

Project Assignment

There will be a team project for this semester. The instruction are included here

CSS Glossary

A glossary of CSS properties, values, and applicability

HTML Glossary

A glossary of HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) terms (tags/elements) and what they do

Flash Cards

I've created a flash cards application to help with test preparation and learning concepts taught in this class (Doesn't work on Internet Explorer -- but does on Edge. Go figure)


The Videos page includes video tutorials for the tools we'll be using this semester and Bootstrap