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CSCI 1210

Essentials of Web Development

Homework Assignments

Homework 1

Click on the icon to the left to access this assignment. In this assignment, we'll be critiquing web sites. We'll consider what makes a good design versus what is not-so-much.

Homework 2

This assignment will give us more practice with HTML.

We'll continue with some basic HTML elements like <h2> and <p>. These are some of the most-used elements in HTML.

Homework 3

In this assignment we'll optimize some images (which you'll take) using GIMP. Then, we'll download a pre-built web page, which will arrange the images inside a 2x2 table. Finally, we'll add a paragraph worth of content.

Homework 4

This assignment will give us some more practice creating tables, including more complex tables using colspan & rowspan