CSCI 1210

Essentials of Web Development

Homework 5:

  1. Create a Website of a topic of your choosing but must be appropriate for class. Please email me your topic if unsure or have questions. Be creative and have fun!
  1. The site should have a minimum of three pages. Each page should include a minimum of:
    • Main
      • Background a dark color (of your choosing)
      • Include updated comment headings in both HTML and CSS files
      • Majority of the style must be in the external CSS sheet and referenced using classes
      • HTML file <head>: just include a title, comment block, and appropriate meta data
      • Include validation links
        • Must be error free for both HTML and CSS
    • Favicon
    • (at least) 1 Link (Total. You can include more)
      • (at least one) to external source (Absolute URL)
    • Internal navigation between the site's pages (navbar)
    • 1 Div
      • Contains the main content
      • Complimentary color that is lighter than the background
      • Border
        • 2-4 pixels wide
        • Complimentary color that stands out from the <body> background and the <div> background
    • 1 Title
      • Centered at the top of the page
      • H1 font size
    • 1 Paragraph
  1. The site must include the following (the site, not each page):
  • File structure
    • CSS file(s) must be in a separate css folder
    • Images must be in a separate images folder
    • Images file and CSS file must be accessible from the HTML file
  • 1 Ordered list
    • 4 items minimum
    • Square bullets (use custom if you'd rather)
  • 1 Table
    • 1 Title row
    • 4 or more data rows
    • 4 Columns

Suggestion: Set up your first page and name it index.html. Once your first page looks the way you want it to, use File→Save As to make two (or more!) copies of the page. Then, for the other pages, you just have to replace the content. This is the same thing as making templates like we did in Lab 5

Have a nice day!